Social responsibility

Gebrüder Egli Maschinen AG is also involved outside the construction industry and supports charitable and regional projects and organisations. Here we give you an insight.


Thanks to Heidi and Roland Egli's private commitment to the Faaba Foundation in Africa, the company also supports the organisation.
For example, a car has already been refurbished and shipped, and various materials have been sponsored.

Ships of hope

Mercy Ships

The Ships of Hope are floating hospitals with medical equipment that meets Western standards. This means that the medical staff and doctors can be deployed immediately from anywhere. Mercy Ships was founded in 1978, bought as a former cruise ship and converted into a hospital ship. Today, the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy, the two largest civilian hospital ships in the world, are also part of the organisation. Two out of three people in the world have no access to surgical care because they live too far away from a hospital or lack the financial means for an operation. Often, the necessary treatment is simply not available in the country. The individual fates of people who, like us, do not have access to medical care concern us and we want to help keep the hospital ships on course. That is why we support the humanitarian adventure of Mercy Ships.


Spitex Mobil

Without mobility, there is a risk of isolation. It is often difficult for families with a disabled child to carry out everyday tasks and participate in social life without hindrance. It's great that Childrenspitex Switzerland's Spitex mobiles offer affected families the opportunity to go on family outings or holidays without hindrance.   



A children's and youth club that offers boys from the first grade onwards a meaningful leisure activity. The club is run by young volunteers. Experience nature, play great games - all according to the motto: fun, games and action.