Efficient and sustainable

Recycled concrete as a source of raw materials is more in demand than ever. This is because environmentally conscious thinking and the conservation of natural resources are making it an increasingly important building material. The specially developed Egli concrete crushers enable old buildings to be dismantled in a crusher-friendly manner. Thanks to the ingenious design of the various jaws, a significantly greater yield and higher material quality is achieved. This valuable raw material can be fed directly into the recycling cycle and does not have to be disposed of as construction waste in landfill sites.

Recycling process in focus

In order to advance the circular economy of building materials, Gebrüder Egli Maschinen AG has created one of the most innovative demolition machines for the production of high-quality concrete raw material: the multi-patented Egli Betonbeisser. The Egli Betonbisser is revolutionising demolition with the aim of optimising the recycling process in the future and saving costs in the process.

The green Egli Circle stands for the conservation of natural resources by promoting the recycling of building materials and the use of durable materials.