Was wir können

The design department at Gebrüder Egli Maschinen AG helps with all tasks in the field of attachments. This includes the development of products or components, advice and assistance with conversions, revisions and repairs, regeneration of bits and other equipment together with the metalworking shop and the realisation of various projects in cooperation with customers.

The design team consists of competent specialists, most of whom have completed a technical apprenticeship and further education such as an HF or FH. Two apprentices complement and support the team.

Our strengths

  • Designing components that are exposed to high mechanical, dynamic and abrasive loads
  • Hydraulic components and systems
  • Welding technology
  • Extensive expertise within the team and the entire company, as well as a good network outside the company
  • CE conformity (operating instructions, risk assessments, technical documentation, standards)
  • Strength calculations by hand or with FEM software
  • Powerful 3D CAD programme from Solidworks
  • Passion for working in the Egli team


Markus Leuzinger

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Mirco Kellenberger

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