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Conversion, revision and repair


Our experienced team of experts is on hand to provide you with comprehensive advice to find customised solutions for your construction site challenges. We know that every construction site is unique and has individual requirements. That's why we place great importance on personalised advice to understand your specific needs and offer you the best possible solution.

With our hands-on approach, we ensure that our designs are not only functional, but also efficient and cost-effective. To make this possible, we consult specialists from all departments (e.g. hydraulics, welding technology, electrical engineering, workshop) as well as external experts.


Interchangeable bucket system

When carrying out conversion work on a bucket, the focus is usually on adapting the change system. This modification can change both the force transmission and the stability of the bucket design. In addition to ensuring strength, it is crucial that the mounting angles of the new change system are optimised to ensure perfect coordination of the opening and closing angles on the excavator. In order to achieve optimum solutions, our design team and our locksmith team work closely together to fulfil all requirements in the best possible way.


Revisions of Egli Betonbeisser bits

In order to guarantee the longevity and high demolition performance of our bits for you, we are constantly developing our overhaul processes. Our employees carry out these revisions with great passion and use only the highest quality welding rods and shielding gases. They are supported by our specially developed manipulators and our Erika (grinding robot), which assists the team with the time-consuming and tedious grinding work. Thanks to the harmonious interaction between man and machine, we can support you with short throughput times and top quality.

Bite cycle

Revisions of Löffeln

With our many years of experience and our expertise in bucket construction, we have also acquired a broad knowledge of wear-resistant steels and their correct use and processing. As a dealer for ESCO tooth systems, we can also provide you with active support in this area. We can also assess for you whether an overhaul is still worthwhile or whether a replacement is the more economical solution. As sustainability is very important to us, we are happy about every tray that we can revitalise.

We also offer you the option of ordering only the required wear parts (e.g. blades, base, wear strips, teeth, etc.) from us and carrying out the overhauls yourself.


Revisions of Felsfräsen

Rock cutters battle the toughest of opponents on a daily basis, and perfectly matched wear protection is crucial to keeping up with them. We can also draw on a wealth of experience in this area, which has enabled us to breathe new life into milling heads that were thought to be dead. The perfected overhaul process and the optimally selected welding wires increase the service life many times over.

Revisions of Schaufelseparatoren

There are a large number of different blade separators, which are designed for a wide variety of materials. As a result, the revision processes are also very different. Different gauges are required for the various sieve shaft geometries in order to restore the original contours by welding. Depending on the degree of wear, it is more economical to use wear plates. With this product, too, the materials used are essential for the future service life.

Spare parts and accessories for the blade separator are also available in our Egli webshop!