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On August 9th and 10th, the management team of Gebrüder Egli Maschinen AG began their annual strategy days early in the morning in Flims with a presentation by the Weisse Arena. Matthias Dörig, a customer advisor for the organization, also attended the presentation. Corsin and Armin enthusiastically reported on the unique success story of the Weisse Arena, led by visionary Reto Gurtner, who is far ahead of his time in many areas. For example, they were already discussing digitalization in ticket sales 20 years back. They have the world's largest snowboard pipe and were the first in winter sports to introduce a new system for buying and renting apartments.

It is fascinating to be able to support such companies in the construction machinery sector for their ambitious goals and it is what drives us to excel. We are very grateful for the insight into this admirable organization!

All fired up, we set off from Flims to the Cuolm Sura Alp, where we then settled in at the Bar Muntaniala.

There, the management team began by analyzing and reflecting on various topics such as product news, warehouse optimization, finances and employee development. The fresh mountain air was inspiring, and the tight-knit relations within the team enabled an uncomplicated and flexible way of working.

To ensure a thorough overview, the management team climbed the summit by cable car on the evening of the first day and then hiked back to Cuolm Sura, allowing them to exchange creative ideas while on the move.

Pascal Egli, the son of Heidi and Roland Egli, who is also operationally active in the company, was also present for the second time, as was Remo Egli, the son of Urs Egli, as a first-time guest, in order to gain an insight into the topics of the management.

Freshly recharged and full of zest for action, we headed back down to the valley on the evening of the second day, with plenty of exciting tasks awaiting us.