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Future Day Egli 2023

The first meeting of the interested children and the helpers, Conny Eberli, Lorenzo Tommasi, Sidney Wiesli and Robin Krisch, began at 8.00 a.m. in the new building on the 3rd floor of Attika. To introduce the company, they watched the image film on the homepage. There, the company, its products and the various professions in the company were explained and presented.

In addition, Lorenzo Tommasi explained the apprenticeship as a production mechanic, Sidney Wiesli the apprenticeship as a construction machinery mechanic and Robin Krisch the apprenticeship as a design engineer in more detail.

After the presentation, Roland Egli and Pascal Egli gave a short tour of the company.

After the snack break, the students were divided into three groups and introduced to various stations, including

Hose station

Electrical stations, lighting and electrical wall


Hydraulic stations, motors and cylinders

In the afternoon, under the supervision and support of Sidney Wiesli, Kimberley Reiter, Lorenzo Tommasi and Robin Krisch, the children were able to make, paint and label a pen holder themselves. They were able to use the tube they had put together earlier in the morning as a handle for the pen holder. Once they had completed the pen holder, they were able to return home on time at 4.00 pm.